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→ When bass get under a canopy of matted vegetation or in the thick pads, there are few techniques that can effectively get through or over the salad and generate strikes. A

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Field & Stream4 min de lecture
Night Shift
IT WAS LATE AFTERNOON IN February, and the farmer gave me the usual post-deer-season response when I asked if I could hunt coyotes on his land. “Go ahead,” he said. He even pulled on a weathered Carhartt coat, stepped onto his porch stoop, and motion
Field & Stream3 min de lectureCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Goose Albondigas
When you think of meatballs, your mind probably books a ticket to Italy or maybe Sweden. But as chef and outdoorsman Ford Fry reminds us in his cookbook, Tex Mex: Traditions, Innovations, and Comfort Foods from Both Sides of the Border, Mexico has a
Field & Stream2 min de lecture
Game Change
YOU MIGHT HAVE NOTICED something different about this issue the first time you picked it up. It’s got a bit more heft than usual, wouldn’t you say? That’s because it’s the first chapter in the newest volume of FIELD & STREAM. And I couldn’t be more e