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In many parts of the world today, huge swathes of the population can still be decimated by the spread of

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Gyeongbokgung Palace
The story of Gyeongbokgung is full of splendour and hardship. As the largest of the Five Grand Palaces that were constructed by the Joseon Dynasty it was the primary residence and seat of government for most of the era, but that also made it the targ
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Expert Bio
Dr Toby Green is a historian who received his PhD from the Centre of West African Studies at Birmingham University. He was the recipient of the British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award in 2015 and is currently senior lecturer in Lusophone African
All About History1 min de lecture
Inside The Fat Man
To achieve critical mass of the radioactive plutonium core, a perfectly encompassing shock wave was created by the surrounding explosives, compressing the plutonium sphere. During the chain reaction, excess neutrons were reflected back into the core