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Author Gordon Campbell (Editor) Publisher Oxford University Press Price £30 Released Out now

is the latest title in the celebrated series. Always generously illustrated, these single-volumes have so far spanned a huge range of topics including the world itself, Greece, opera and the Reformation.

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All About History6 min de lectureScience
Alchemy And Chemistry In An Age Of Transition
Alchemy in late Medieval Europe brought with it many risks. The Roman Catholic Church was deeply opposed to its practice, being highly suspicious of its ancient connections to pagan practices and magic. Bodily immortality granted by potions such as t
All About History1 min de lecture
Pseudepigraphy And Pseudonyms
Pseudepigraphy, the writing of texts under another person’s name, has a long and not entirely dishonourable history. Many authors in the past borrowed a name for many of the same reasons as alchemists chose to. Almost as soon as writing came to be us
All About History9 min de lecture
Who The Grande Armée came up against the Russians and Austrians in what was the Third Coalition against Napoleon. What The victor of this decisive battle would become the dominant force in Central Europe and the greatest of the three emperors. Where