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Spring Slam

I have to say that when I read the Editor’s Journal, I was skeptical. The news that I would not be receiving OL as frequently was disappointing, as I am always pleased when I open my mailbox to find the latest copy. I must say, however, that I don’t remember an issue I enjoyed more or read faster. I’m more of an armchair adventurer than anything else, and the number and variety of lengthier stories in the Spring issue made it most enjoyable for me.

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Outdoor Life1 min de lecture
Paddle Your Way To Paradise
Rivers were the original highways and backroads that allowed hunters and trappers to crisscross this country. But somewhere between horse-drawn buggies and four-wheel drive with GPS navigation, we forgot about traveling waterways to find uncharted hu
Outdoor Life3 min de lecture
Underdog Fighting
BOWFINS ARE CONTROVERSIAL. The very mention of these “trash fish” on social media can incite warfare in the comments. They have been here since the Jurassic Period, but I first found them 20 years ago along the tailwaters of Lake Columbia in Arkansas
Outdoor Life11 min de lecture
Ice and snow crunch under our tires as we pull up to one of the most popular stretches of river in Wyoming. On any given spring day, this spot on the North Platte is shoulder-to-shoulder combat fishing in front of a small dam that releases water year