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My father and I began hunting elk together in the ’70s, and the camps from those days feature heavily in our favorite memories. We’d leave in the dark and return in the dark, hunting hard and often in solitude. Before twoway radios, self-sufficiency was critical.

Now, at 71, I have become the old man in elk camp, which has

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I’ve been packing an EverTherm jacket from Eddie Bauer because it’s perfect for late-winter and early-spring days, when temps could fall into the low 30s or jump to the 60s. The jacket compresses to the size of a softball, and the down inside is bond
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Reviving A.270 Winchester
WHEN A GOOD FRIEND of mine drew a once-in-a-generation Oregon elk tag, he wanted to hunt with the rifle his father gave him when he was in his early teens. The only problem, which is quite common with rifles that were built 20-something years back, i
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The Best Bear Unit In The World
YOU COULD START A FIGHT in most taverns by naming the nation’s single-best deer unit. But throw out the same hyperbole about black bear destinations, and you probably won’t get much of an argument. In part, that’s because bear hunters are a reticent