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The strangest sleeping habits

What do you get up to between the sheets? Hillarys.co.uk have revealed the UK’s oddest sleep behaviours…

Sleep paralysis 10%

Acting out

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Signs That You’re Not Selfish Enough
✢ You struggle to say no ✢ You feel guilty when asked what you need ✢ You worry that when you disagree with someone their feelings will be hurt ✢ You’d rather everyone else is happy, even if you’re unhappy ✢ You find it difficult to express anger and
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Despite not being a clinical term recognised by the World Health Organization, prediabetes is fast becoming something of a concerning buzzword in medical circles. Diabetes, particularly type 2, which is often a result of lifestyle factors, has been a
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Eat To Beat diabetes
Frozen cooked or raw prawns are quick and easy options in this dish, where they are flavoured with chilli and garlic. Serves 2 • Ready in 25 mins 170–200g konjac noodles (drained weight)2tbsp extra virgin olive oil or butter1 onion, finely sliced int