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emory does decline with age as the hippocampus, the bit of the brain crucial to memory, produces fewer new neurons. But it’s not just older people who are affected. A Japanese study of 20 to 35 year-olds found that over one in 10 had severe memory problems. So, how

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Woman & Home Feel Good You2 min de lecture
Health News
Antibiotics don’t just kill harmful bacteria, they also kill ‘good’ bacteria that lives in the gut. ‘This leads to a decrease in the diversity of bacteria, which is essential for many elements of our overall health,’ explains Dr Farooq Rahman, consul
Woman & Home Feel Good You2 min de lecture
Beauty News
Nearly 30% of cosmetics contain polymers that are not just bad for the environment, but pose health risks too. Now you can check for nasties by scanning barcodes with the CodeCheck app – you’ll get a clear insight into a product’s ingredients to info
Woman & Home Feel Good You2 min de lecture
Wellbeing News
The average person moans about being tired three times a day*. Julia Cameron-Wallace from Spatone shares her fatigue-fighting tips. ‘Sitting inside under fluorescent lights is bad for energy levels. Even a little bit of sun will help.’ ‘Choose whole,