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“I was surprised by how much relationships matter in the sports industry; networks matter in any industry, but there’s definitely a tighter industry ‘community’ in sports and deep connectivity across teams, leagues [and]

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Sign-age Of The Times
FACING THE prospect of greatly reduced attendance this season, NFL teams and sponsors are pressing for league policy changes that would add valuable new local marketing assets. No decisions are close, but a committee of team revenue and marketing exe
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Long Distance
Several leagues are looking into new scheduling models that would be more geographically friendly and necessitate less travel. Here’s a sampling of longer round-trip driving distances between some conference foes: 2,540 miles 2,449 miles 3,960 miles
Sports Business Journal3 min de lecture
Networks Look To Add Crowd Noise To Games With No Fans
IF PHIL ORLINS boils down his production philosophy to one word, it would be “authenticity.” With that in mind, Orlins, a 32-year ESPN production veteran, was appalled when he first heard the idea that some network executives were thinking about usin