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Everyone knows her as the goddess of love and beauty – she’s the timeless deity remembered for sex and lust. Venus and Aphrodite, whichever name you prefer to call her, has been celebrated and venerated for thousands of years. But why?.

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All About History1 min de lecture
Welcome To History Of Alchemy
For an apparently defunct subject, alchemy has had a vast impact on the modern world. On one hand, its spiritual theories have been informing religious thought since the 3rd century, culminating in the overwhelming influence they’ve had on the recons
All About History2 min de lecture
The Philosopher’s Stone
The Philosopher’s Stone can be considered the ultimate goal of alchemy. Alchemists might not necessarily agree on what precisely the Philosopher’s Stone is, but almost every alchemist coveted it in one way or another. In legend, some are even said to
All About History2 min de lecture
AE Waite: Mystic, Magician, Alchemist
Arthur Edward Waite is one of the most prominent figures in the Western Esoteric tradition. Born in New York in 1857, Waite’s early life was turbulent. The family faced great hardship when his father, Captain Charles F Waite, a merchant marine, died