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A SHOW OF HANDS / COLOR AS LINE > Where: Pirate: Contemporary Art When: March 13–29 Opening Reception: March 13, 6–9 p.m. What: Two local artists explore digital culture and mathematical elements in these adjacent solo shows. Brian Cavanaugh’s new installation features wire sculptures resembling human hands and videoscapes that encourage viewers to have empathy and humility in the face of adversity, while Tim McKay’s colorful, geometric paintings are inspired by the principles of software engineering.


This small, meticulously curated gallery has a unique niche: book-art exhibitions. It’s open by appointment only, so grab some fellow bookworms and make it a group visit. By appointment; 910 Santa Fe Drive, Unit 15, 720-230-4566, abecedariangallery.com


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Clean Swap
Bye: Tide Pods Hello: Laundry powder from Evergreen’s Humble Suds Because: It’s effective, and none of its six ingredients are known to cause skin irritation or disrupt the body’s endocrine system. Bye: Disposable razor Hello: Eco Roots rose-gol
5280 Home1 min de lecture
Together But Separate
NOW: A glittering pool NEXT: Smaller, more intimate outdoor lounge areas WHY: “I think the public pool is gone. It’s a real space hog, it’s seasonal and expensive to put in, and pandemic-spurred rules and restrictions eliminate all the fun, impromp
5280 Home2 min de lecture
Bright Future
When Jane Bradford was a kid, she loved elements of design—before she even knew what “design” was. Taking cues from her mother, who had a knack for sewing, Bradford learned to admire gorgeous textiles; inspired by her father’s passion for urban plann