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In 1963, a mustachioed artist and teacher named Philip J. Steele opened a small art school in Denver’s City Park West neighborhood. Adjacent to a 19th-century home, the studio space was an artist’s dream, thanks to an angled wall of windows with frosted

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5280 Home2 min de lecture
Force Of Nature
At work in her Lakewood home’s cozy studio, artist Noelle Phares is surrounded by deep canyons, snowcapped mountains, desert rock formations, and forested hills. Her paintings depict vast landscapes—some she’s visited, some she hasn’t, and some she’s
5280 Home3 min de lecture
Designed For Life
It’s hard to quantify how many headaches—and heartaches—poor renovations have caused among homeowners, but suffice it to say, it’s a lot. One common storyline goes like this: A couple in search of a new home falls in love with a for-sale house’s arch
5280 Home2 min de lecture
Classic (remastered)
Many of us have that room, the one that never quite gets finished, never gets our full attention, until we look at our home with fresh eyes. For the owners of this Greenwood Village house, that moment came as they considered selling their home. Befor