To cope with a changing world, we have to change as well. Converting land into farms or pastures removes forests and worsens climate change. And climate change is hurting farms that already exist. But we need to grow more food to support a growing global population. Here are four predictions for ways we’ll adapt to grow enough crops to feed everyone.

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The animals that survived the Chicxulub asteroid impact evolved to fill different ecological niches. What ecological niche do you fill—either in real life or in your imagination? Draw us a picture of your natural habitat, showing where you fit in it.
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Trial in Absentia
In the 40th century, the most intellectually advanced species in the galaxy initiates a project to bring back as many extinct species as possible. They have already returned hundreds of species to life after careful evaluation by the Committee for th
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Contest Spotlight
This is how I saved a damsel: I was flying over the park and once I spotted my lunch, I swooped down to get it. Today, it was a little girl feeding some birds popcorn. I landed next to the girl and she gave me some food. “I’ll name you Bob,” she gigg