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Having trashed more Pirellis than I probably have done nappies in my lifetime, it’s fair to say, I was pretty excited to stick on a set of Supercorsas and see what I could do. I mean, racing a GSX-R on Pirelli rubber itself

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Gary Johnson
Since my last column, I’ve spent most of my time over in Morocco with Triumph preparing for the international press launch for the new Tiger 900 models. It’s quite a big event because it’s a three day launch for each group of journalists so there’s b
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Project Mille: Part 2
There’s a time and place for a fire, and in my garage, on my Mille, wasn’t it. I’m easily distracted at the best of times, but hearing the Aprilia boom into life for the very first time completely consumed me… so much so that I didn’t clock the leak
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Tyre Talk
If I got a pound for every time someone came to me complaining of cold tear on a race tyre, then I'd be a very rich man. Most cold tear we see is tyre temperature related, but incorrect compound selection also plays a factor in a cold tear occurring