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Do you enjoy gardens with a quiet, contemplative Zen space? Is the English countryside your cup of tea or do you prefer the heat of the tropics? For some it’s a dash of Nordic minimalism or the vibrancy of the Mediterranean they love. Get your passport ready — we’re going to see the world.


Japanese-style gardens are a living art form, an artistic blend of raw, earthy materials designed to evoke calm and contemplation. Many Japanese-style gardens are exquisite in their simplicity. Dean Herald from Rolling Stone Landscapes says Japanese or Eastern gardens achieve harmony and balance through the use of symmetry and natural elements like stone. “To build a story of Eastern influence, remember these gardens aren’t a flashy entertaining space, rather more layers of green

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Creating a usable outdoor dining space where our love of the outdoors and food can be brought together with friends and family is high up on the list of improvements for many homeowners. The owners of this lovely period home in the Adelaide suburb of
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What’s Hot
Once dismissed as vigilantes or “guerrilla gardeners”, those creating luscious footpaths in our communities are no longer renegades sowing seeds of dissent against the council. In fact, they’re all above board and part of a blossoming community movem