Outdoor Rooms


Outdoor play engages curious minds with the natural world and stimulates the imagination. A pretty, leafy corner of the garden can become a place where fairies gather, a gnarled sturdy tree somewhere to build a cool cubby house and a quiet nook the perfect place for a bench seat for a teen to curl up and read.

From rock walls to waterfalls, vegetable patches to butterfly gardens, bike tracks to bouncing trampolines and sandpits to vertical slides, there are so many possibilities your kids will love.


Enticing children away from their screens and into the outdoors begins with designing creative spaces that kids will want to explore. You can add stepping stones to link one section of the garden to another, a pond to splash about in, a sandpit to dig in, even a quiet, leafy corner to sit and

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Outdoor Rooms7 min de lecture
Be Fruitful
Small-space gardening can be a challenge, but it’s also an opportunity to get creative. Backyards are getting smaller and for an increasing number of people, the only outdoor space they have to grow plants in is a courtyard, terrace or deck — sometim
Outdoor Rooms2 min de lecture
Let’s Heat Things Up
As the temperature starts to drop lower and lower, it might be tempting to retreat indoors — but you really don’t have to leave that beautiful outdoor room space you’ve so lovingly created just because it’s winter. After all the hard work you’ve done
Outdoor Rooms3 min de lecture
Built-in Beauty
One of the first things we ask our clients is how they want to use their outdoor space. Often their response is a place to either relax or entertain in. It’s no wonder we Aussies love to bask in our great climate and enjoy the outdoors — it’s embedde