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6 Simple & Healthy Choices For You, Your Home and Our Planet

6 Simple & Healthy Choices For You, Your Home and Our Planet by Sasha Nailla. Photograph of a woman's eye through a palm leaf by Drew Graham
Photograph by Drew Graham

Small yet significant changes to reduce the internal and external stressors in your life and help you to live more consciously… for yourself and our planet

Do you know what’s in the products that you’re using to clean your home, nurture your skin, and care for your children? 

Studies have shown that half of Americans are unaware that the products they use every day contain petroleum-based ingredients or petrochemicals. That’s 165 billion people that are unknowingly welcoming toxins into their homes. Not too long ago, I was one of them.

Inspired by my Paris-born mother, I’ve always been relatively conscious about the products I use, the foods I eat, and my lifestyle choices.

I naively trusted that if something was labeled as ‘natural’, that meant it was safe for me and the planet. It seems logical, right?

When I got pregnant with my firstborn, something shifted. Rather than operating under an assumption,

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