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o one who saw Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro’s installation in The Ludoteca Castello, Venice, for La Biennale di Venezia, in 2009 has ever forgotten it: a huge black rectangular solid block made from 175,218 VHS video cassettes (weighing ninety tonnes) below a fresco in a twelfth century chapel of a deconsecrated former surpassed that of every other memento mori. Outside the chapel, the summer’s warmth was full of life’s energy. Inside, the black crypt seemed to ignite anxiety for a life needing to be lived; not wasted. Anyone familiar with the content of the videos would probably get Claire and Sean’s critical humour. is one of the big ideas I discuss with both artists, in what is fiftieth issue; and the magazine’s first cover featuring collaborating artists.

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Synaesthesia is a catch-all term for an intriguing group of broad sensory phenomena where subjects perceive external elements through multiple senses. Colours are heard, sounds are felt in different parts of the body and numbers are processed as shap