Food on the Move

Since I’m now traveling 120 days a year — roughly a third of the time, which is all I can stand — people routinely ask me how I handle eating on the road. I’m actually writing this column while traveling to a speaking gig in New Hampshire. In fact, I do much of my writing away from home these days. I wrote my last two books while I was on airplanes. But back to food.

First, a disclaimer: I don’t have all the answers. All I can do is share what works for me, realizing that I’m a

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Trap Wild Pigs for the Table
Industrial pork producers have profited from a catchphrase that for years predicated every piece of their advertising, from print to television: “Pork. The other white meat.” And, for once, the advertising bared the truth. The food industry’s pork ta
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Profitable, Small-Scale Flower Farming
This article was originally published in the Summer 2017 issue of Heirloom Gardener. Revenue information was current at the time of publication, but may have changed during the intervening years. When Lynn Byczynski first authored an article on flowe