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COUPLE’S Retreat

ufour Yachts introduced its new 360 Grand Large model to ’s Boat of the Year team last fall as a coastal cruiser intended for a couple or perhaps a small family. With that in mind, judge Alvah Simon found numerous clever elements to praise within the boat’s 35-foot-2-inch hull — a relatively modest LOA compared to the many 40-, 50-and 60-footers on display at the

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Mammoth Tusk Restoration
I love mammoth tusks. I love their grandeur! I love their immense size and elegant double curve. I love the beauty of mammoth ivory with its rough, stained outer texture and the creamy inside with its carbon fiber-like cross-hatching and rich colors.
Cruising World11 min de lecture
Marooned In paradise
CORONAVIRUS. Coronavirus. Coronavirus! Can anyone think of anything else? One night I awoke in the V-berth after midnight, convinced I had the virus. My head hurt, my stomach felt queasy, and I sensed a fever coming on. Little sleep followed. In the
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Carbon Skinning
It all started when I got a new 360-degree camera for my racecar. Mounted on the dash, it captures a really cool perspective that allows viewers to see forward, watch cars as I pass them, and to see what I’m doing (check it out at