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rowned with masses of pink-topped deep-burgundy blooms, Lavandula ‘The Queen’ seems set to assume a regal place in our.

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Factory showroom Chic
black and white is a classic colour combo. And is it any wonder when the strength of these neutrals serves as a solid backdrop for many a texture and decorating style, including a factory- or loft-style interior. Taking on such a reno or home makeove
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Call Of The Coast
For shine and pop, look to cool chrome and brushed stainless steel appliances, tapware, hardware and pendants. Let exposed decorative hinges in on the act for authenticity and to add a visual boost. Prefer a punchier look? Add a colour hit of soft bl
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Make Your PEARS Pearls
beautiful blossoms in spring, blissful shade under their drip-tipped leaves in summer and a bounty of sweet juice from the golden teardrop-like fruit in autumn. That’s a pear tree for you! Or the fruit can be a gorgeous green, ruby red or mellow yell