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2020 is the year we should all be seeing more clearly, which reminds me of an incident in the Channel years ago when, in the murk of a September dawn, all hands were told to peel their eyes for an elusive buoy, probably the infamous CH1, around which the sadistic organisers of the RORC races in those days would send us… and back, without so much as a sniff at the fleshpots of Calais.

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Classic Boat3 min de lecture
Jimmy Furey 1926-2020
The Roscommon boatbuilder of Ireland’s River Shannon was one of the very finest of his generation, and a man strong-willed enough to do what very few of others ever do – live life totally on his own terms. Despite being almost entirely self-taught, J
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Parisian Powerboat Pioneer
A recent restoration has shone a light on rare 1960s Parisian runabouts, from the likes of the almost completely forgotten Despujols boatyard, suggesting that swathes of powerboating history are like terra incognita – white spaces on ancient maps hin
Classic Boat3 min de lecture
Sternpost Killing Time By The Sea
This summer has found nearly all of us virus-bound in back gardens up and down the land. For many of us, it has meant gardening. How many, I wonder, feel the loss of a deck under the feet for decking under the feet? For my two boys, the usual wonders