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y old pilot cutter sailed with her original 1911 boom while I had her. It was 30ft (9.1m) long, 8in (20cm) in diameter and was solid pitch pine. I dread to think what it weighed, and taming it was of ongoing interest. The topping lifts had no problems supporting it because the hauling end of the purchase delivered a velocity ratio of 8:1. This can be achieved without massive multi-sheaved blocks by the simple means of a burtontackle. Each of the two lifts begins at the boom end and runs aloft to the

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International’s Toplac is a range of high-performance colours with a solid reputation. Used on yachts and boats of all sizes for decades, it has a rich colour that stays glossy over time. Hempel is a world-leading coatings supplier to
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CHARLES MILLER LTD When launched in Maine in 1909, the six-masted 450ft (137m) schooner Wyoming was hailed as “the largest wooden sailing vessel in the world”. The ‘Mighty Wyoming’, as she was soon nicknamed, was also a last hurrah for trade in sail,
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On The Winds Of War
The story of When and If began in a time of great uncertainty. It was 1937, war was imminent, and American George S Patton, a US Army Colonel at the time, was recuperating in hospital. His injuries were the result of an accident aboard the 67ft (20.4