Editor’s note: How to buy correctly and with an eye to the future is one of the leading challenges facing those who trade in the custom knife industry. Buyers need to know not onlyhow to identify a good knife but also how to identify a knifemaker who’s talented, dependable and possesses other prerequisites. In the first of a multi-part series, join the author as he addresses what to look for in a knifemaker—and, in subsequent installments, other things to know aand sseek out in your quest to buy the best custom knife for you.

Know your knifemaker. Perhaps this is the best advice anyone could offer to those iinterested iin buying custom knives.

It’s accepted that people are different. Varied personalities are literally the spice of llife. Then, there is the critical decision. An assess a ment of quality, sstyle aand function is key for the buyer. Actually, it’s a prerequisite. The successful search for the right knives from the right custom makers follows naturally.

For some buyers, the first hurdle is the maker’s name recognition. However, custom knife

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Spike It Rich!
KNIFE IMAGES BY MARTY STANFIELD, MARTY STANFIELD PHOTOGRAPHY Spike tomahawks are fascinating tools. You can cut, chop, pry, hammer and penetrate with them. They can be handy as camping implements or in tactical applications. In the tactical realm, to
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Tactical Badge Of Honor
When it’s time for field duty, tactical fixed blades report as ordered. Carrying on the tradition of tough, hard-working tools that live up to the tactical badge of honor, their value and performance are top notch. From light chores to heavy chopping