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N MY EARLIEST DAYS AT THE MAGAZINE, some of the greatest lessons I learned came during the editorial process for essays by Kent Jones. When Kent wrote something for an issue, it was an event, an opportunity to discover films and filmmakers through expert eyes, in new ways. And in observing his exacting self-edits up close, I saw firsthand his

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Film Comment2 min de lecture
Out There
Expanded Cinema: Fiftieth Anniversary Edition By Gene Youngblood, Fordham University Press, $34.95 GENE YOUNGBLOOD’S OPUS EXPANDED CINEMA IS A manifesto and a prophecy, at times clairvoyant in its claims for the future, at others ridiculous in its bu
Film Comment10 min de lecture
Inside Man
MOVIES ARE WHAT THEY ALWAYS WERE, BUT more so. The way I keep describing the current situation is that everything you watch plays like an airplane movie now. When I say this, I’m assuming that you’ll know what I’m talking about, and that you, like me
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Observe and Report
In The Viewing Booth, we’re effectively watching footage over Maia Levy’s shoulder, filtering our own reactions through hers, or at least accommodating them both. And as she tries to situate the footage, determining who made it and what they’re tryin