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6 – Lydia Ruffles is the author of The Taste of Blue Light (Hodder, 2017). Her second novel, Colour Me In (Hodder Children’s Books), is out on 9 August.

12 – Helen Rear is an English Literature and Creative Writing student at Bangor University. She is a three-time winner of National Novel Writing Month and reviews books on her YouTube channel, capricioushelen.

is a Yorkshire-based writer. Her pamphlet and full-length collection are published by Valley Press. is inspired by a

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Popshot Magazine1 min de lecture
Interviewing A Member Of The Flat Earth Society
You're not going to believe this,but it's true. Dialling into YouTube I listened to a man talkingabout his strange and exotic belief as if he'd recently resurfacedfrom a primordial swamp containing a live Ichthyosaurand what he said was fact. Looking
Popshot Magazine1 min de lecture
You know, I do have other talents.It’s not just fruit and flowers and corn;although you’d never tell;always pictured in what I think ofas my Festival attire: Flowing gown,sandals, some sort of rustic crown.It would be nice occasionally to be shownIn
Popshot Magazine11 min de lecture
The Family Plot
After the doctor left, and the sedative finally wrestled my wife into a shallow, restless sleep, I sat down on the edge of my daughter’s hospital bed to tell her about the family plot. I took Daisy’s hand and shook her gently awake. Her eyes opened a