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s an early Hell-on-Wheels town in Dakota Territory, Western legends abound in Cheyenne, where the community embraces their Old West on West 15th Street and the 2. on West 17th Street.

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Horse & Rider2 min de lecture
‘She’ll Find Her Feet’
Here in Northern Colorado, I spend most of my time in the saddle in a well-groomed arena, working on perfect circles, collection, softness, and a good stop. I do my best to get out of the arena as much as I can, but for the most part, that’s relegate
Horse & Rider4 min de lecturePsychology
Lessons with Longears
Dogs and horses may be the typical stars of most animal-assisted therapy programs, but at the Latham Centers residential program for adults with disabilities, it’s donkeys who are changing lives. The Massachusetts-based organization provides care and
Horse & Rider3 min de lecture
Half-Halt for Your Western Horse
The half-halt, while most commonly used in dressage training, is also a great tool for your Western horse to have. It can help with self-carriage and movement and can even be used to help with collection. The purpose behind a half-halt is to redistri