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What’s that feeling like—to set your trowel down, stand up and take a few steps back and brush the dirt off your hands in satisfaction that your garden is now vibrant with color and impeccably cohesive? I first gardened in a house whose siding and trim was green, blue and purple. There were many times that I stepped away from my freshly planted foundation bed and thought, “Nope, that’s not it.” Now I live in a neutral-colored home, and it seems that there’s nothing more debilitating than working with a blank slate! Color can make or break your garden, and sometimes it’s surprisingly difficult to nail down the perfect color combination.

So how exactly can you solve your color woes in your garden? It’s time to

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Q How do I overwinter strawberries growing in a container? I live in an apartment without access to a shed or garage. Donna Schwankl, MN A Strawberry plants in pots and baskets can be challenging to overwinter outside in cold climates. That being
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Weed Watch
What it looks like Leaves emerge from a rosette and are covered with white woolly hairs. Leaves are stalkless, alternate with one another along the stem and are egg- to spoon-shaped with rounded to broadly pointed tips. Lower leaves are ½ to 5 inches
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Good-Looking Edible Greens
Edible and ornamental plants don’t need to be segregated. In fact, many edible crops have striking, architectural foliage that can look great in ornamental plantings. The concept of foodscaping—incorporating vegetables in with showier plants to creat