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A year in, it’s the athleticism of that elevates it above its FPS and battle royale peers. contains a decathlon worth of verbs: Crouch-slides, dropship nosedives, trampoline leaps, zipline ambushes. These moves aren’t gimmicks,

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Deep Thinking
Gabe Newell, chief plumber at Valve and part-time Half-Life 3 tease, held forth on New Zealand TV show 1 News earlier this year on the subject of braincomputer interfaces. It turns out he’s all in favor of them, and Valve is working on software to in
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From the moment its 16-color title screen fades in alongside dramatic chiptunes, Loop Hero feels like some forgotten, VGA-era fantasy RPG, a game that contains the mystery and difficulty of 1991, gently modernized to 2021. Behind that charming intro