America's Civil War


n her book , offers a unique look at Northern rhetoric during the conflict. Varon, the University of Virginia’s Langbourne M. Williams professor of American history, argues Northerners saw the war as a crusade to deliver “deluded Southern masses” from domination by a minority elite of slaveholders indifferent to their needs. Deliverance rhetoric, already central to African

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America's Civil War1 min de lecture
Preservation Success
In Williamsburg, Va.—a locale more famous for its connection to Colonial America and the Revolutionary War—a 29-acre swath that saw critical combat during the Civil War’s Battle of Williamsburg has been preserved by the American Battlefield Trust. Ac
America's Civil War3 min de lecture
“General H.B. Clitz, U.S.A., is still missing,” the Army and Navy Journal reported on November 10, 1888. “Nothing having been heard from General Clitz since the letter received from him at Niagara Falls, some of his friends fear that he may have dest
America's Civil War1 min de lecture
Photographs and Memories
By 1860, Gettysburg, Pa., boasted about 2,400 citizens. Ten roads led into the town, which created a few small but thriving industries such as carriage manufacturing, shoemaking, and tanning, as well as several educational institutions. Although the