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Choosing a build route

Self-build is a broad church and there are many routes to getting an individual home built. Most self-builders choose one of the following routes:

• Project managing the build themselves (which involves hiring and coordinating subcontractors — such as plumbers, electricians, etc — to complete the build, and buying most of the building materials).

• Choosing a main contractor or builder to manage and coordinate the build on their behalf. The builder/main contractor will often buy all or the majority of the

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Homebuilding & Renovating1 min de lecture
Did You Know
A new Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) Taskforce was announced in the Budget and will be backed by £10m of government funding to accelerate the delivery of MMC homes in the UK. At the time of writing, details of the launch date had not been relea
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Stowed Away
This three-storey, four-bed, new-build cavity wall Passivhaus built by Green Building Store has a plant room at the top of the house in the loft, accessed via a bedroom. Although lofts aren’t generally advocated by Green Building Store both this proj
Homebuilding & Renovating4 min de lecture
Preparing To Live On Sıte
As I explained in my column last month, we lived on site, in our renovation project, for the entirety of our five-year project. While it would have been nice to have had the option of renting as work took place, on reflection I am not sure we would h