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Reverse the direction of any ceiling fans (in most cases, that’s from counterclockwise to clockwise). This creates a mild updraft that pushes warm air down. Most change direction via

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This Old House2 min de lecture
DIY Smarts
Last year, after we purchased our first home, we went outside to hang some Christmas lights and discovered there were no outlets. How do we go about installing one? —DEX MISICHKO, SOLON, OH MASTER ELECTRICIAN HEATH EASTMAN: A licensed electrician can
This Old House2 min de lecture
Tom’s Pocket Plane
The No. 102 low-angle block plane that made its debut in the 1877 catalog of Stanley Rule & Level Co. was a 5.-inch-long, all-steel tool designed to slice through tough end grain, such as butcher blocks. But carpenters found that the palm-size No. 10
This Old House3 min de lectureArchitecture
Queen For A New Day
When Michael Campopiano took his son to see the house he’d just bought, 9-year-old Giulian took one look at the ramshackle building and turned to his dad. “You can’t show this to Mommy,” he advised. “She will never live here.” Giulian’s worry was und