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The Joy and Power of Suggestion

“The painting isn’t really about horses; it’s about movement.”

THE WINNER OF THIS YEAR’S PASTEL JOURNAL FOUNDER’S AWARD IS a dazzlingly fresh and vivid account of horses and jockeys galloping head-on toward the viewer. Finish Line, by Vermont-based artist Aline Ordman, uses an open, suggestive approach as patches of color—delivered in decisive, clear strokes of pastel—coalesce into a scene of great power and conviction.

Looking at it, you can almost feel the thunder of pounding hooves as horses and riders jostle for position in the final frenetic yards of a race. Meanwhile, the color, in which the saturated hues of the jockeys’ racing silks are pitched against the quieter browns of the horses, makes full use of the possibilities of the rich color that the medium offers.

As Animal & Wildlife Category Juror Yael Maimon observed: “The strength of the painting lies with its bold approach. The energetic

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