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The Right Touch

In pastel classes and workshops, a lot of emphasis is placed on selecting the right colors, creating simple shapes, learning application methods and establishing a strong value design. Indeed, all are crucial components of pastel painting.

But, an often-overlooked aspect of a successful pastel practice is pressure—how lightly or

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The Pastel Journal3 min de lecture
The Texture of Love
“The message of faith and love is clear and captivating in this touching study of human relationships,” says Carol Peebles of Heart and Cuddle (opposite), winner of this year’s Pastel Journal Award of Excellence. The Portrait & Figure category juror
The Pastel Journal1 min de lecture
The Pastel Journal
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Anne Hevener SENIOR DESIGNER Brian Roeth SENIOR EDITOR Holly Davis MANAGING EDITOR Christina Richards Sylvie Cabal, Art du Pastel; Albert Handell; Liz Haywood-Sullivan; Janie Hutchinson; Isabelle V. Lim; Richard McKinley, IAPS; Rae Sm
The Pastel Journal1 min de lecture
DOs and DON’Ts
• Don’t name artists who have influenced your work. The statement should be all about you. Dropping names only opens the door, valid or not, for the critique that your work is “derivative.” • Don’t use weak phrases that reflect insecurities or tentat