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IT SOMETIMES TAKES CONVINCING THAT an entire workshop devoted to composition is worthwhile. Most students are more concerned about the end of the painting process—those sparkling finishing touches.

But when I teach my Composition Boot Camp workshop, I focus intensively on what I believe is the most difficult, yet most important, stage of the painting process: the beginning. I find that most students either rush through this composition stage or bypass it altogether. The result is that they fall prey to myriad bad habits that

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The work of jurying is, to be sure, a job of evaluation. When viewing a work, a juror will consider the artist’s handling of color, value and composition, and assess how well an artist utilized the medium, the level of draftsmanship and the painting’
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Beautiful sunshine on the brightly colored umbrellas of a food cart inspired Taiwanese artist Yvonne Liu to paint An Ordinary Day (opposite). Although she paints en plein air often, for her winning piece she used a reference photo from a recent trip
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