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Between the socialist millennials who want everything to be open access and free, to the affluent travelers who can pop off to Mykonos at the drop of a hat, and the spend-thrift seniors paying for nursing care with Medicaid, LGBT folks run the gamut when it comes to money, their access to it, and beliefs about it. A new survey from Experian offers some interesting insight.

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The Advocate1 min de lectureSociety
Protecting Our Most Vulnerable
Queer youth are at an increased risk of sexual violence, which is extremely problematic given that they also face challenges in accessing affirming and supportive counseling services. Alarmingly, only 41 percent of those surveyed by the Human Rights
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10 Queer Things To Make You Proud
Childhood sweethearts Alyssa Wilkens and Jillian Allen are the adorable lesbian couple behind pop duo Maple St., whose new song, “Love Me Less?” asks what happens when the honeymoon ends. “We started dating at 16, and that process of growing up toget
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Rock On
In Hollywood, marginalized writers, actors, and producers decide they are not going to be forced into the closet. Their queerness, their Blackness, their otherness are sources of pride that act as the driving force behind each of their subplots. Amon