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1 A roll-on perfume oil applied to pulse points lingers longer than a fine spritz and has a stronger aroma too. , blends hot peppery notes with fresh citrus and grounding sandalwood.

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December’s BOOK CLUB
THE BETRAYALS by Bridget Collins (£14.99, HarperCollins) Following The Binding comes this brilliant new novel. It’s set at Montverre, an all-male academy where only the best study a mysterious game, the grand jeu. One of its former students, Leo Mar
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A Christmas classic that never loses its appeal, cheery red teamed with fir green and crisp white always looks festive and jolly. Perfect in a country scheme, bring in plenty of fresh foliage and berries, and mix with red and white baubles, felt shap
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Comedy Gold
Our favourite one-liners from Victoria Wood: ✢ ‘Where are you in your menstrual cycle?’ ‘Taurus.’ Victoria always considered ‘Taurus’, spoken by Julie Walters, to be her first successful punchline. ✢ ‘I thought coq au vin was love in a lorry.’ This