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FRUGALITY HAS BEEN A constant in Angelica Pozo’s life. “I’ve always been conscientious about my spending,” says the 65-year-old Cleveland clay artist. “My parents both went through the Depression, so they raised me with respect for how hard it is to make a buck.”

With the uncertain and variable income of an artist, these lifelong lessons have come in handy. Pozo’s financial savvy, along with some big commissions and rental income, have enabled her to survive and even thrive as a working

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WHILE THE LAST 10 MONTHS have been filled with upheaval and loss, they have also offered the unexpected gift of connecting more deeply to what is essential. And if there was ever a moment to step up and support craftspeople and artists, it is now. As
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A Gift From You Helps Makers Share Theirs
The American Craft Council is working hard on behalf of artists through the pandemic, but we need your support to do so. A gift from you will help us invest in opportunities that allow artists to live creative and sustainable lives – all while contin
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Skin, Deep
“ONE REASON I LOVE LEATHER is because it’s so unforgiving,” says Mia Wright-Ross about the process of crafting leather. “Once you’ve made a scratch, you have to live with that. Whether you meant to make it or not, you have to create something beautif