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Passing the Baton

AM WALLER, A CLAY ARTIST studying in Japan, was one of the first people to contact the Color Network about mentorship opportunities. He is currently working toward becoming not only the first American but the first Black American MFA candidate in ceramics at Tokyo University of the Arts. When Waller discovered the Color Network – an online platform that aims to build a strong and supportive community for ceramic artists of color – he was excited. “I am feeling, more than ever, the need to connect with others

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American Craft6 min de lecture
Treasured Objects
GROWING UP IN THE Philippines, superstitions and cultural myths were ingrained in my thinking. My mother, Lamberta Lozada, was a full-time teacher and quite the serial entrepreneur back in the ’60s. We had a grocery store, dry cleaning service, three
American Craft8 min de lecture
Natural Metalsmiths
BEETLE WINGS AND VICTORIAN mourning jewelry. Gleaming ancient Egyptian gold and Viking treasure. Medieval coats of arms and family crests. Mussel shells and spruce-stitched copper. You might expect to find this list in many major museums around the w
American Craft2 min de lecture
Gifting Handmade
WHILE THE LAST 10 MONTHS have been filled with upheaval and loss, they have also offered the unexpected gift of connecting more deeply to what is essential. And if there was ever a moment to step up and support craftspeople and artists, it is now. As