The Saturday Evening Post

Andrew Zimmern

“I think human beings are at their best when they’re traveling.”

Andrew Zimmern, the charming and loquacious host of on the Travel Channel, is best known for cheerfully consuming the weirdest stuff you can imagine — from the unusual (skate wing) to

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Limerick Laughs
RULES: Limericks must contain five lines. Enter as many times as you wish. All entries must be submitted by December 26. The November/December Limerick Laughs winner will be announced in the March/April 20201 issue. Entries will not be returned. HOW
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f your plans involve overnight I travel, here’s how to make sure your hotel or lodging rental is clean and safe. What to bring: Disinfecting wipes and spray, gloves, inflatable pillows with cases (sheets are the only part of bedding that is changed
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Freshening Up
To reflect its new, modern style in 1961, the Post underwent a major redesign. The magazine changed its editor, layout, typography, and, especially, its logo. Norman Rockwell celebrated the change on the September 16 cover by painting Herbert Lubalin