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All over the south of England, on the night of June 5, 1944, people awoke and went outside to listen. They had become used to noisy nights. The noise had changed through the past four years, from the distinctive beat of German bombers and the din of air raids, to the sound of British bombers outward bound at dusk and homeward bound at dawn. But people who heard the noise on the fifth of June remember it as different from anything that had ever been heard before. As they listened that night, with increasing excitement and pride, they knew that the greatest fleet of aircraft they had ever heard — the greatest fleet that anyone had ever heard — was passing overhead from north

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RULES: Limericks must contain five lines. Enter as many times as you wish. All entries must be submitted by December 26. The November/December Limerick Laughs winner will be announced in the March/April 20201 issue. Entries will not be returned. HOW
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f your plans involve overnight I travel, here’s how to make sure your hotel or lodging rental is clean and safe. What to bring: Disinfecting wipes and spray, gloves, inflatable pillows with cases (sheets are the only part of bedding that is changed
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“CBD is so fascinating. For decades it was taboo to study it, just because it comes from the cannabis plant, and even though it produces no psychoactive effect,” says Peña, who with co-author Scott Meyer examines what it is and how it works in “Shoul