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“Holy smokes!” says Tasker on learning “Mount to the Sky” took first place in the 2019 Great American Fiction Contest, winning publication in the and online and a prize of $500. “As a longtime Fitzgerald nut, mostly for his short stories, I have long been familiar with and fond of the , for both newer fiction and classics,” says Tasker. “It’s

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The Saturday Evening Post2 min de lectureElectrical Engineering & Electronics
Let’s Cut Back On Video Calling
In David Foster Wallace’s notoriously dense novel Infinite Jest, published in 1996, the late author took a sardonic stab at predicting the future of video calling. He described home videophone units complete with hooks for hanging resin masks users w
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Red Goodbye School , Little House
Today the country schools are being underfed, undernourished, to an extent which scarcely anyone seems to realize. Of the funds spent for education in America, 23 percent goes to the common schools of the cities and only 9 percent to those of the cou
The Saturday Evening Post1 min de lecture
Nov/dec Winning Limerick
An intruder had stood on our lawn, But brave Buster attacked him at dawn, Leaving only a trace Of its snow on his face, And the snowman we’d made was now gone. Congratulations to Ken Morgan of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, for his winning en