Amateur Gardening

It’s easy to have a heart

ONE of my favourite jobs in late winter is looking around the garden at gaps in the borders and considering what new

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Amateur Gardening3 min de lectureArchitecture
Pruning Flowering Shrubs
SNIPPING about with a pair of secateurs, at this time of year, is playing at pruning. ‘Cut hard in the spring’ is a ruthless instruction for a ruthless operation. And the shrubs that need hard pruning during the next six weeks can be divided into fou
Amateur Gardening4 min de lectureGardening
Enchanting And Challenging Orchids
IN the final throes of the deep, dark winter months, we naturally yearn for warmer, far-off climes. But while we are hunkering down against the elements and Covid, we can still get a taste of the exotic by inviting orchids into our homes. February is
Amateur Gardening4 min de lectureGardening
Amazing Orchids
TODAY, the orchid is far better understood than at any time in the past. Gone are the old fallacies that tropical orchids must have specialist equipment and conditions, such as a humid greenhouse at a specific temperature, with not too much and not t