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Variable and valuable viburnums This week it’s:

IF I had to grow shrubs from just one plant family, I’d choose viburnums. It is such a diverse group: different forms give autumn and winter berries, or winter flowers, or autumn leaf tints, or summer flowers – and around half of the 150 or so species

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Word Search
No: 568 This word search comprises words associated with irises. They are listed below; in the grid they may be read across, backwards, up, down or diagonally. Letters may be shared between words. Erroneous or duplicate words may appear in the grid,
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Sweetcorn Sense
SWEETCORN tastes so much sweeter when homegrown. This is because the sugars start turning to starch the moment the cob is picked. Thus, freshly picked and dropped into already boiling water is the ideal, and no supermarket or roadside stall can possi
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Callistemon 'Bottlebrush' Standard
Reader offer From Introducing Callistemon 'Kings Park' - a beautiful evergreen tree that will explode with incredible firework-like 'bottle-brush' blooms in early summer each year! Available here in eye-catching 'standard' form so the flowering head