Amateur Gardening

Tools for the job

MOST home gardeners have an array of tools lined up in the shed, a sizeable proportion of which are seldom used. A leaf grab, for example, is only likely to be used for a few weeks in

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3 Splendid Specimens
A generous display of large blue flowers lasts from May-August if trimmed after the first flush. Bowl-shaped blooms have white centres and are lit by veins of reddish-pink. HxS: 28x20in (70x50cm). This cultivar rivals the Armenian cranesbill G. psilo
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Ramblers’ Association
THE tulips look stunning and the tidy ranks of vegetables in the kitchen garden are quite literally food for the eye, but if I had a favourite spring sight it would be the embryonic roots of my rose cuttings reaching through the drainage holes in the
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Beauty Queens
IDENTIFYING bumblebees isn’t all that easy because the queens, males and workers often have different markings and face colours. Size varies, too. The first bees to emerge from the nest are often tiny, but as the colony develops more food becomes ava