American Farmhouse Style


1. START SIMPLE. Your Christmas décor doesn’t have to completely take over your house, or even come together in just one year.

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American Farmhouse Style2 min de lecture
Get More Online! Get tips on how to design an open kitchen floor plan for your home. Learn from Amy Mings how to transition your home from spring to summer décor. Tour a kitchen update in this 1963 home. Learn the ins and outs of collecting
American Farmhouse Style2 min de lecture
The Value of Vintage
My grandmother died when I was in college, so when my family was going through her things, I was in a prime position to take practical items like pots and pans back to school to use in my off-campus apartment. One of the items I took was a set of six
American Farmhouse Style2 min de lecture
Start With Simple
When designer Ashley Moore of Moore House Interiors began redesigning this Houston home, she knew the best approach to creating a timeless look was to keep it clean and simple. “When you are doing a renovation or new build and you are picking those h