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y husband, brad, shipped out for Operation Desert Storm on Christmas Day 1990. Although he had been in the Army Reserve since 1977, I

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Angels on Earth magazine6 min de lecture
Problems? She Can Relate
SLOWLY THIS TIME, I reread the e-mail on my phone. “We’re going to be evicted from our apartment unless we can come up with $1,000 in four hours. If there’s any way you could help, we’d be so grateful.” Teresa, a woman I’d never met, had sent it to m
Angels on Earth magazine4 min de lecture
Sewing for Hope
RED HEARTS decorated the windows inside the dollar store, but that wasn’t what I’d come in for today. I’d stopped off on my way home from my nursing shift at the V.A. Mental Health Clinic as a favor to one of my patients. Irv was a Vietnam veteran wh
Angels on Earth magazine1 min de lecture
He Makes Winds His Messengers
I’VE ALWAYS BEEN a big fan of the outdoors. It was one of the reasons I’d chosen my mountaintop home. Even in winter, I looked forward to days off and the chance to get out in the fresh air. On this day, though, I was struggling even to get out of be