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In the Pink


I slowed my car near the post office entrance to study a man standing out front. He was an attractive black man, maybe in his forties. I knew him from somewhere. I pulled into the parking lot right next to him and rolled down my window.

“Excuse me,” I said. “You look

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Built by Angels
SUNDAY NIGHT, I was thinking about making dinner when the phone rang. “Turn on CBS,” a voice said. “What?” Click. The caller hung up. No, it wasn’t code or a message from heaven. It was just my mom. She sometimes made calls like that when she was wat
Angels on Earth magazine2 min de lecture
Down To Earth
A QUICK RUN to the grocery store, in and out. Back in a jiff. But try telling that to my Jack Russell, Archie. He’s gotten mighty spoiled with me working from home full-time during the pandemic. I reassured him as best I could, got him interested in
Angels on Earth magazine4 min de lecture
Sophie’s Secret
“SOPHIE WOULD MAKE a good therapy dog.” The day my dog trainer said those words, I didn’t even know what a therapy dog was. I certainly had no idea what traits my little Havanese had that would make her a candidate. But why not, I thought, if I can h