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Places in Transition

“When choosing a subject, I try to paint things so we all become more aware of our environment,” says Boston artist Andrew Haines. “Everyone has fictions, including me, about where we live and what the world is like. I hope my paintings hold a mirror up to some of that.” Haines’ extraordinary acrylic paintings convey keen observations of both the present realities of an urban landscape and also the constancy and effects of change. “By living in the same place for a long time, I’ve witnessed so much change happen in my neighborhood of Forest Hills,” he says. “It seems that something is always being torn down while something else is being built. These layers of history give me lots of subject matter to paint.”


During college and afterward, Haines painted with oils. For a long time, his studio has been in his house, but after renting out part of the home, combined with having young children around, he

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