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Ancient but not primitive

UMANS AND fish evolved from a common ancestor. Early humans appeared on the planet just 6 million years ago and modern humans not until

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Citizen Science On The Great Barrier Reef
LOOKING TO TRY something that’s both adventurous and educational? Join this small ship expedition to the remote outer Great Barrier Reef and help marine scientists observe, record and report on natural phenomena. With full access to the most respecte
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Habitat Support
BOTH LONG-FLOWERED mistletoe plants and broad-leaved ironbark trees are vitally important to regent honeyeaters breeding in the Tomalpin Woodlands. Regents feed there on the blossoms of ironbarks and mistletoes as well as building nests in both plant
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Why Travel With Us?
Travelling with Australian Geographic inspires people to care about the planet by providing meaningful opportunities to explore it. Our travel experiences are rich in nature and adventure, and our travel partners specialise in hard-to-reach places an