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Ancient but not primitive

UMANS AND fish evolved from a common ancestor. Early humans appeared on the planet just 6 million years ago and modern humans not until

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Anzac Cove, 1915, by Ev Shipard, from Beneath Gallipoli, AG 102 April–June 2011. IN A DEPARTURE from our more literal style of illustration, this impressionistic representation of a scene from the 1915 Gallipoli Campaign of World War I was commission
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Fire: Friend And Foe
AUSTRALIA HAS experienced bushfires for more than 60 million years. Fire is an integral part of Australia’s biodiversity and certain plants, such as banksias, are even dependent on it for the release and germination of their seeds. Many eucalypts and
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Front Page Hurley
IN AUGUST 1948 the cover of Sydney’s pictorial magazine PIX featured a stylish young woman wearing an elegant suit and holding a Speed Graphic camera, as if she was a film star playing a ‘girl photographer’ (above). The girl in the picture, Adelie Hu