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lenn Singleman was “like a kid in a candy store” when asked to join the team. “They planned to use ‘the most significant vehicle since ’ to visit the deepest point in the five oceans,” he says. “An invitation to join an expedition always means new friendships, new ideas, new places and new experiences in the wilderness.” Having had a long association with Glenn at AG,

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Adventure In Culture, Arnhem Land
THE YOLNU often say the land is their mother. It nurtures, heals and guides their lives. This is why the female visitor experience and connection to the yolηu people is often so profound. Our Gay’wu women’s tour provides female visitors with the oppo
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Moving On
We can all be forgiven for our collective unbridled glee in waving goodbye to this past year as we enter 2021, arguably the first year of the new decade according to many. It’s completely understandable if your farewell gesture is even less polite! N
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Stallions Of The Sea
THE OCEAN REMAINS a place of mystery, even to me as a marine biologist who spends more time in the water than out. Seahorses are marine animals that particularly capture the imagination of people, including myself. They’re very un-fish-like fish that